„I admit I need stories to understand the world.“

Siegfried Lenz (German writer)

That’s a feeling we absolutely share. As journalists specialized in science and technology we are always looking for exciting new stories to tell. After all the world is full of fascinating phenomena you would like to have an explanation for. For example, just looking at the wide variety of animals on earth brings quite a few questions to mind. Such as: How did all the different species of animals turn up? And why do they look the way they do? Maybe it all goes down to a sanitary problem:

When the universal flood drowned the earth and all the animals were seeking rescue on Noah’s Ark, the waterbucks were the first to go aboard. The ship hat only just been finished and the paint was still wet. Nevertheless the african antilopes did not hesitate to use the toilets with their freshly painted seats. From those days on their behind looked the way it does today

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Well, you might have a few objections to this story from South Africa.
So if you prefer a more scientific explanation for evolution and its outcomes, we are happy to help!

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Having studied natural sciences we are mainly writing about biology, conservation and environmental protection, geoscience and climate. However, time and again we are also working in other fields such as archeology, physics, chemistry, technology or history of science. Our aim is to explain scientific facts in a way that is easy to understand and gripping at the same time. And if we can achieve that with a touch of humor, so much the better.